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About NuvaPro™

The Immune-Regulating Probiotics PCC®

NuvaPro™ is an immune regulating probiotics to help optimise human health through optimisation of the gut microbiome.

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About NuvaPro™

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Skin Cleared Up… Hooray!

My daughter (now 7 years) has a patch of rough, dry skin on her thigh, which has been there for the longest time. Her skin is rather sensitive, and I have been told that she has eczema too. After using NuvaPro, I find that my daughter and her younger brother ...
Yvonne Gan, 36 years, Klang
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Now Fewer Sick Days… Hooray!

My children (aged 3 years and 5 years) were often sick with a fever or a cough almost every month. As a result, we see the doctor very often. Although I’ve tried giving my children other probiotics, they were still weak. Since giving them NuvaPro, it was a magic moment for me ...
H.H. Niak, 36 years, Penang
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Allergy improved… Hooray!

I got to know NuvaPro through a pharmacist for my baby’s allergy problems. I bought a box, hoping that this product may solve my baby allergy problems. After taking the product, I found that it has really improved his allergy condition, at the same time ease off constipation as well...
Crystal Cheah, 29 years, Penang
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