• Happy Skin Again… Hooray!

    My son has eczema since he was 6 years old. I have tried many solutions from apple cider to seeing skin specialists but his eczema persisted. It comes and go and the condition is worse if wrong food like cheese cake or raw half boiled eggs is taken. Now my son is 13 years old and I have come to accept the fact that eczema is his lifetime illness. He loves football very much but most of his skin around his groin and arm pits have eczema too. As a mother, I have to watch over his diet on a daily basis and educate him on hygiene for his well-being besides usage of skin moisturisers for maintenance of his condition.

    On the fateful day of September 18th, 2016, after I read your article in the newspaper, I challenged myself to try NuvaPro Lactobacillus fermentum PCC on my son. To my surprise, after 2 weeks of administering the probiotics for my son, I could see that it works. I have been told that it is still early days so I am still continuing the treatment and hopefully the eczema will soon be gone.

    Kelly Koay, 40 years, Penang
  • Allergy improved… Hooray!

    I got to know NuvaPro through a pharmacist for my baby’s allergy problems. I bought a box, hoping that this product may solve my baby allergy problems. After taking the product, I found that it has really improved his allergy condition, at the same time ease off constipation as well.

    Crystal Cheah, 29 years, Penang
  • Healthier Kids… Hooray!

    I am a mother to two kids , aged 9 and 5 and have been staying in China for several good years. Each year summer holiday, we will be back to Malaysia but for the past three years, the hospital has been a must visit place whenever we are back.

    My daughter has large tonsils and acute tosilitis which has been the reason for us visiting the doctor every summer. Most of the time, she will have to be hospitalised for a course of 5-6 days of antibiotic treatment. I have been putting her on vit C and prepiobiotic hoping to strengthen her immune system. However, they do little help.

    This year when I was back for holiday, a pharmacist recommended Nuvapro. She gave me extremely good comment on this product and advised me to try it for my daughter. I have been sceptical as I`ve been trying different products but none gives the result as expected.

    However, I decided to give it a try as I am still hoping for a solution to boost up my kids’ immune system. Thanks to the pharmacist’s time in giving me such a detailed detailing about the product, I have been giving my kids this product and so far, I am happy with the result. Even though they still show early symptoms of cough/flu, they do not develop into serious issues and no antibiotic is needed. I am very glad to have found this product and I am looking forward to its long term benefits for my kids. I will surely recommend and share this to my friends who needs the best for their kids.

    Sheryn Lok, 41 years, Taiping
  • Now Fewer Sick Days… Hooray!


    My children (aged 3 years and 5 years) were often sick with a fever or a cough almost every month. As a result, we see the doctor very often. Although I’ve tried giving my children other probiotics, they were still weak. Since giving them NuvaPro, it was a magic moment for me to discover that they do not get sick easily even for long periods of time. I strongly recommend this product to every parent.

    H.H. Niak, 36 years, Penang
  • Skin Cleared Up… Hooray!

    My daughter (now 7 years) has a patch of rough, dry skin on her thigh, which has been there for the longest time. Her skin is rather sensitive, and I have been told that she has eczema too. After using NuvaPro, I find that my daughter and her younger brother are stronger and not easily sick like before. Not just that, my girl’s rough patch of skin has also cleared up beautifully!

    Yvonne Gan, 36 years, Klang
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